Sunday, 12 February 2012

Update three sorry guys!!!

Hey again, update number three.
Ive settled into my new flat. I'm the only one living here currently, which is good because I get sick of people easily which is weird because I am a very people person and can get along with anyone. Ive started a training program which is seven weeks to 100 push ups and 100 sit ups, I'm also doing some squats to gain some lower body strength. I've lost a bit of weight the jeans I had that were too tight are now a loose again. Which is either good or bad last year I struggled a lot with eating and one of my lectures who was a mental health worker said that it sounded like Anorexia. The weight lifting has left my body very sore for about two days, I guess its the shock of lifting stuff which is heavy which I'm not use to.

My course time table came for massage yesterday. Boy am I going to be busy, 9-5 every day Monday to Friday, I thought there was going to be massive weeks off like my previous course but nooo. I'm excited about it, I get to meet my new class mates for the next two years and I also get to learn a new set of skills.
One of the subjects we learn is Bio, I'm a bit nervous about it because I haven't studied it since fifth form. Lucky I have some spark sheets that I got off an Archive. Only time will tell me what will happen.

I've been reading up on Lucid dreaming and have only managed to do it twice. The first time I did it was when I was being chased by a dragon (Freud would go nuts over this) and then I was like um hold on a minute I'm asleep I can control this and I jumped from a window and started flying around.
The second Lucid dream I was at the beach with my cousin and he was getting eaten by some random monster (Freudian counsellors eat your heart out) and then I realized I was dreaming and then turned around and turned back and it was all good again. these are just small accounts of it but we all have to start somewhere yeah?

I've also had a problem with adsence and blogger, it denied me saying that there is not enough content on my page, How much content on my page do I need until I'm able to get it. When my content is suffice do i need to re apply or appeal my case? Cheers guys

Stay loyal kids, I'll update again on Wednesday. 

Until next time!!


  1. How do you get yourself to lucid dream?

  2. lucid dreaming is so fun :)
    i heard if you keep a dream journal, of all your dreams, write down anything you remember that should help you remember your dreams easier and be able to lucid dream more often. my physiologist told me this

  3. You'll need around 5+ posts, or around there.