Monday, 30 January 2012

Update 2

Well I'm back again,
The past few days have been uneventful, it has mainly consisted of me sitting at home playing battlefield two on single player. And I've modified the AI to 64 on each team and then increased the ticket limit to 500. I have been getting good at flying the helicopter and killing things. I'm still not as good as they are online, but I am slowly increasing my capacity to kill things.
Another game I've been playing is Dungeons of Dredmor, An indie game which I got of a humble bundle for about six dollars. I enjoyed this game so much I even bought the DLC for it, on steam when it was half price (What a cheapskate).
I've wanted to get back into Terreria, but I haven't played it in so long and the last boss I've killed was the eater of worlds and I don't know what to do now.

I've also been thinking a lot about this year and how it will be different from the last. Its probably going to be the same. I'm still pretty bitter and hurt at what happened with the girl of my dreams last year. I think this year I'm going to become really selfish and if there isn't something that I don't really want to do I won't do it. I'll only do things for me and what makes me feel good. In other words I'm going to become a twat. It's more the fact if I don't do what I enjoy and can do to the degree that my mental capacity can handle then I can get depressed and angry at the world (more so than I usually am).

I'm excited about this year and the possibilities that it has. Basically the main focus I'm going to have this year is my self-care and my course work, I'm going to try my best at the subjects and hopefully get into a routine not sure how that will work though, if the course is laid back like my previous one where I had 2 weeks off in the middle so sleeping in became a really good routine for me :D

We shall see,

Have a good day,

Until next time


  1. Good luck in your course work this year! I just started following you, check my blog out if you have some time. Thanks.