Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Wednesday Update

Hey again happy V day to all the people in a different timezone!!
I don't like valentines day for three reasons
1: Its a ploy to make money
2: It makes singles or people who didn't get a gift shitty
3: Why not show someone you love them every day (Fuck that, that's too hard)
Valentines segment over.

The way I got into a lucid dream is hard to explain.
When I did it I was dreaming, it was like I was watching a movie in third person.
How i got it to become lucid was realizing that it was a dream and that I could control it by thinking of a certain scenario case and point my previous blog.
It hasn't happened in a while though which is disappointing.
Here is a link if anybody is interested.

I did something that I've wanted to do for ages last November entrepreneur wise. Which was to buy some charms and sell them online. The only problem is that the customers aren't biting as much and I would really like the money. So a few thoughts have crossed my mind, which is to set up an auction and sell maybe 100 charm beads for 200 dollars to another account of mine. I post the package to the destination and then get somebody to report it missing. After this I would file a insurance claim through the postage company and they would send me 200 dollars, Profit?
The only reason I know that they do give insurance for lost packages, is that I bought an item and it got lost in the main and then they had to refund the seller .The postage company had said they put it in the mailbox. That package was tracked though and I am wondering if it worked with "lost" untracked packages. That's my illegal mind working at full capacity. If you could spare any thoughts or suggestions it would be great.

Stay classy,

Until next time


  1. anything for profit is good :) happy valentines day

  2. I wouldn't do that personally, I would feel like an evil Robin Hood or something. But kudos to if you find a way to build your own wealth sneakily without someone else noticing.