Thursday, 26 January 2012

Hey guys.
Sitting at home with the parentals waiting for the polytechnic term to start, I'm doing Massage therapy which will hopefully be a good two years. Its been pretty good sitting at home I got to catch up with some of my good mates and I also saved a lot of money.

I've been looking at getting a gym subscription, but the prices are really high and as a student I don't think I can afford it. The one I want to go to is basically a three minute walk from my house which would be good.

It will be interesting to be back at my flat, and back with all my friends. This year is going to be different than the last. Last year was an interesting year, probably the only year where I have felt like a failure, I failed a paper at course and the relationship that I had wanted for four years had failed. This year is more focused on self care and making sure that I am happy instead of other people. Which will be an interesting thing to do.

Well I've typed long enough for my first blog

Keep up if you can


  1. wait, can't you use the school's gym?

  2. welcome! looks like I'm your first follower, bud. Looking forward to more.

  3. Second follower! A gym membership can most definitely be worth it if you use it a few times a week!

  4. Following because I expect to hear crazy stories about massages!

    1. There have been some pretty disgusting stories I've heard. I will post them as soon as they happen!

  5. Very cool blog can't wait for you to get it going.

  6. following.. will love to see you develop this blog :)

  7. Cheers guys I will keep you up to date.
    Lets be honest I'm a little self conscious and the amount of people at the tech gym is heaps. And its far from my house and I would rather walk three minutes.... Maybe I should go to the tech gym....